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Steph's Graphics Journal

Hi! As you've probably guessed from my banner, my name is Steph and this is my graphics journal. All the graphics I've made are posted here. I'm a huge Harry Potter, Pokemon, Warriors, and Disney fan, so most of my graphics are related to those themes.

Anyone is welcome to use these graphics, but I do have a few rules and guidelines regarding their use.

*********Rules for Using My Graphics:*********

Don't direct-link from my PhotoBucket album. Doing so eats up my bandwidth, which I have to pay for. If you see something you'd like to use, please either host it yourself or ask me to upload it to TinyPic for you.

Don't edit any of my graphics in any way, or remove my signature.

Please don't add these to any website's graphics section without asking my permission first.

Credit is greatly appreciated, but not required for most of my graphics, as most of them are signed with my name. The only thing that I require credit for is icons, because they're too small to sign without ruining them.

Comments are really great, as are tips on how I can improve.

If you want to know how I did something, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to explain it to you.

******Resources and Credits******

None of the images I use for my graphics are mine, unless otherwise stated. I get them from various websites and Google searches, so I can't credit them all, but here are links to the sites I use the most.

Harry Potter Images- LeakyCauldron Galleries

Pokemon Images- PocketMonsters Imageboard

Warriors Images- Warriors Wish or WarriorCatPics

Screencaps- I usually make my own screencaps or get them from one of the above sources, but I have gotten some from DJ Capslock and Cap It!. I've also downloaded some hi-def Harry Potter caps from Home of the Nutty.

Most of the real-life cat images I use are from Sobi or various Flickr users.

I've downloaded GIMP brushes from several different people at DeviantART.

Most of the fonts I use are from DaFont and other free font sites.

CandyBar Dolls Credits:

CandyBar dolls are originally from CandyBar.co.kr. I didn't create them, and I didn't originally make any of the stuff I've used on my character dolls. I get the clothes and accessories I use from the above site or eLouai. The Hogwarts uniforms are from either HogwartsHoney or Madame Malkin's.

All the clothes I use on my character dolls, with the exception of Hogwarts uniforms from the above sites, have been extensively edited by me to match the outfit I'm basing the doll on.


What program(s) do you use?: I use a combination of GIMP, Microsoft Paint, and MGI PhotoSuite. For animated graphics, I've used several different free trials, most recently JASC Animation Shop 3.

Can I have the original picture from one of your graphics?: Sure. Just tell me which one you want the original of, and, if I still have it on my computer and it’s not part of one of my other graphics, such as a colorization or blend, I'll gladly give it to you.

Can you add me as a friend?: Sure! I'm always happy to add new friends. Just leave a comment on this post asking me to add you. It'd be great if you could also let me know how you found my journal, so I know if I've talked to you on another site or not.
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